gather x boketto with Katie Silcox

gather x boketto with Katie Silcox


Thursday, 12/21/17 at 3pm


Ojas - Ayurveda for Radiance, Deep Vitality and Core-Energy in the Winter Solstice:

New York Times Best-Selling Author and International teacher, Katie Silcox, will discuss the Ayurvedic concept of Ojas - psycho-physical immunity, vitality and radiance. Ojas is a subtle, yet powerful force that keeps your brain clear, your body strong, your immunity boosted and your sexuality alive. Our sex vitality, immunity, and sex drive are all connected to how much ojas we have in our blood and cerebrospinal fluids. 


In this 60-minute experience with Katie you will:

  • learn more into how to maintain and preserve this vital force
  • connect to daily routines and life practices that build the ojas 
  • learn what foods and herbs conserve the Ojas
  • practice Ojas-building through a short inner-body meditation  
  • learn why this time of year - winter solstice - in particular, is a crucial time for inward journeying and energy-conservation

Boketto will be serving a seasonal herbal tonic to complement Katie's teachings. 


134 10th st Charlottesville, in the Gather / willow knows showroom.