Through my experience in the last decade in the creative industry - I have come to strongly believe in the healing and energetic importance of authentic creative voice and expression. We bring value to our lives by successfully executing ideas. With my clients, I hope to inspire and create thoughtful design, mindful consumerism, and implement the necessity to listen to one’s creative call. I offer consulting services in areas of curation, styling, art & creative direction, and branding. My hope is to encourage and assist others in feeling grounded in their ideas, to explore the depths of their concepts, and to help them mindfully bring those visions into clear realities.

Through one on one consulting sessions, I help individuals and businesses work through the creative roadblocks they may encounter when working through a new concept or idea. I take a holistic approach to help clients visit questions like: Where is this idea coming from, why does it want to come through me? What about other people doing the same thing, how am I different? How do I begin to offer my product/services to the world? Should I re-create/re-brand my current business? How do I best connect to my target audience? How do I communicate to the world my most authentic creative self? How do I shut out the noise of other’s influence/stop comparing? Visually, what colors/mood/images should I use to best represent the vision I want to portray?

After our first session, I may advise things like: daily journaling, sketching, breath work, meditation, or bodywork - all tools which will further help you explore the depths of your ideas.

From there, we design an individual plan for your project as to how my services can help you moving forward - short or long term.


Jess’s 1-hour consulting sessions begin at $125.

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