Jess Lee Breed is an artist and designer. She spends her days mothering, creating, and collaborating.

She is the creator of the textile line, willow knows and co-creator of Pink Moon Stories, a boutique creative collective.


Jess lives and works in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia with her husband James and daughter, Story.

My approach to creating work explores an intuitive way of being. I aim to create pieces, curated collections, and environments that can be seen as unique, soft, and meaningful to the senses. Inspiration for all of my work is drawn from the energies of Mother Nature, from earth elements, and from an intentional way of living. In my textile pieces, I visit techniques and practices both ancient and modern. I understand my creative practice to be a reflection of who I am. In my consulting work, I aim to guide others to access their own creative authenticity. Through my curated shop offerings, my intention is to support the work of artists and makers that I truly believe offer beauty to the world, and to whom I am forever inspired by.


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